Lingard didn’t want to move

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Jesse Lingard does not want to leave Manchester United in January Because I want to control my destiny in my own hands in the summer

The Athletic reports that the attacking midfielder Lingard comes in and out of the England national ufabet team. Desire to stay with Manchester United until the end of the contract at the end of this season. Even not getting the opportunity to enter the field as they should the reason was because Lingard wanted to wait to become a free agent. 

And when that time It is believe. That there will be many offers brought into consideration. Not just West Ham United, the old agency. That is ready to pay for the purchase from Manchester United during the January transfer market. In addition to Lingard, you can claim your wages as you wish. 

As usual, they can still claim contract fees or gratuity from new clubs. The attacking midfielder recently celebrated his 29th birthday on Wednesday, December 15th. Knowing that there is a high risk of being knock out of the England 2022 World Cup squad at the end of next year. 

If not getting a chance to play a lot in the second half of this season. But there is still a possibility. If going to blow up form at the beginning of next season with a new team. Just like what he’s shown in a very short period of time with West Ham.