Madrid cheated, shot in injury time 90+9, defeated ‘Espanyol’ 2-1

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Atlético Madrid cheated, shot in injury time 90+9, defeated ‘Espanyol’ 2-1

The Spanish La Liga football match will take place on Sunday, September 12 at the RCDE Stadium between Espanyol and Atletico Madrid.

Diego Simeone, the Argentine boss of Atletico Madrid, sent Antoine Griezmann, who had just returned from Barcelona, ​​to start immediately. Paired with Luis Suarez

The first half, the game started for 4 minutes, Espanyol almost took the lead before Adrian Embarba slipped into the penalty area to hit with the right.

After that, Atletico Madrid had a chance to win some. In the 21st minute, Angel Correa flicked the ball for Luis Suarez to fire in the penalty area. But the ball went over the crossbar

In the 37th minute

The defenders had to win the door again in the 37th minute, Alex Biad opened the ball into the penalty area for Leandro Cabela to head the ball over the crossbar a little.

Until the 40th minute, Espanyol got the goal to lead 1-0 from a corner kick. Adrian Embarba opened for Reul de Thomas to hover the first post to head back the ball into the far post. into and ended the first half with this score

The second half, 49 minutes, Atletico Madrid should have scored the most equalizer. Jeffrey Condogbia, the substitute, set up the fortress with the left in front of the penalty area, the ball flew over the crossbar a little.

Then in the 53rd minute, “Bear seal” sent the ball into the net from the moment that Marcos Llorente opened the rear to the far post for Toma Lemar to charge, sent the ball into the goal. But the referee looked back at VAR because Luis Suarez, who was involved in this rhythm, stood offside first.

In the 79th minute, Yakkik Carrasco entered the pump to steal the ball from the Espanyol defensive line and slipped to a point where Atletico Madrid equalized to 1-1.