Number 30 may not be good for Messi

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On 16 September 64, aftermath of UEFA football In the Champions League group stage, Group A, Lionel Messi made his debut as a Paris Saint-Germain starting XI. For the first time since joining from Barcelona in August. Past It ended in a draw with Belgian League champions Club Brugge 1-1. Although the Argentine star was on the field for 90 minutes.

BBC Sport has revealed Messi’s coincidence choosing to wear the number 30 shirt with PSG, saying the 34-year-old did not win his first game for Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League. The Champions League 17 years ago as well, at that time Messi was wearing the number 30 shirt after being pushed up by Dutch manager Frank Rijgaard into the first team of “Chao Boonthum” is the first season.

It was the final group stage game, Group F, where Messi, 17, was the first 11 for Barca and remain on the pitch until the end of the game. But unfortunately lost to Shakhtar Donetsk, the famous Ukrainian team 0-2 on December 7, 2004. However, the situation at that time Barca drifted to the knockout stages of AC Milan earlier. already Therefore, it does not have much impact before “Chao Boon throws” to lose to Chelsea in the round of 16.

As for last night’s game, Messi increased his playing record in the UEFA Champions League. His own match is 150, but unfortunately can not lead PSG to win. Although playing with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe together for the first time Previously, many people cited 3 coordinates MNM as one of the most formidable offensive line in this era.