Pep Updates Stones Injury, Watching Fernandes Pass Exams

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Josep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, talks about John Stones centre-back injury. Who was caught at right-back in the first leg of the Champions League semi-final match. Real Madrid 4-3 yesterday was the muscle area behind the knee, while Fernandinho. Which helped to block the eyes of the army for an hour after that, he passed the exam.

City are at right-back because Kyle Walker is still injure with an ankle. While Joao Canzelo is suspend, causing Pep to use Stones. Who has not practice at all since the ufabet game against Brighton and has a muscle injury. The back of the knee is actually down.  

But the good star player only competed for 35 minutes, he didn’t have to give Fernandinho plays as his replacement, despite providing one assist. But the overall leak defense game was very much burned down by Vinicius Jr.  

However, in the corner of the team, the 51 -year -old coach appreciates the sacrifices of the 2 people, one of whom is a centre-back , one is a defensive midfielder and has to disobey the army, the position is not good.

“ John has to adjust to that position that is not a tricky area. Plus, facing a stone cleaver , opening your mouth with ‘ Manchester Evening News ‘

” I sent him off to start because of Tuesday’s training he has a muscle sore behind his knee and he feels fine. Kyle is still not okay, call to talk and he said he was ready. ” 

“ Thanks to both of them. For the enthusiasm of John and ‘ Fernan ‘ , who have played at right-back only once under the Man City uniforms since I took the reins – last night was the second. ” 

” It’s not easy to deal with a bouncing player like Vinicius Jr. , but he did his best. I know ‘ Fernan ‘ will play well. ” 

Back in 2017 , Fernandinho was sent to play at the right-back. In the Swansea duel game for the first time in the Pep era. And then the next match was switch to the left-back game against Bournemouth.