Player ratings of Liverpool vs Milan

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Announcing the scores player ratings of all “Reds” Liverpool players after opening home wins against AC Milan to the fullest in the UEFA Champions League.

16 Sep 19, Liverpool Echo, Merseyside local media Announcing the results of the examination of the Player ratings Liverpool after opening the Anfield stadium beat “Red Devils” AC Milan 3-2 in the UEFA Champions League group stage, Group B, the first leg on the night of the night. last wednesday

Alisson Becker (GK) 6: Two goals scored too hard to save. Other than that, there’s no mistake.

Trent Alexander-Arnold 7: Fiercely filled the right attacking game. Contributed to the timing of the goal up to 1-0, but the defensive game has some displacement.

Joel Matip 6: Started the game well. But the timing of losing the first goal is not very good in control of the zone As for the stroke of the second goal, it was not good enough to trap the ball.

Joe Gomez 6: Out of place on both goals conceded. But the second half played better.

Andrew Robertson 8: Outstanding on the left side both offensively and defensively. Help to call a penalty for the team. Tried his best when the team was overtaken 2-1 after trying to block the shot in front of goal. before being followed again.

Fabinho 7: Excellent control in midfield Well done both cutting the ball and getting into the tackle.

Jordan Henderson 8: Connecting the game and passing the ball in midfield smoothly. Before coming to shoot the most beautiful distance as the winning goal for the team to win 3-2

Naby Keita 7: Chasing by pressing makes it difficult for the opponent’s midfield to play. Good possession of the ball, although there is a bit of loose defensive play.
Mohamed Salah: 7 tries to create chances for himself, but misses some. blocked some Turbulence with competitors quite a bit. Unfortunately, the penalty shootout didn’t go in. But to help shoot the team to equalize 2-2

Divock Origi 8: Demonstrating commitment Reward the opportunity that Jurgen Klopp has given him very well. There is a chance to score a goal before organizing 1 assist from breaking the ball for Salah to score a 2-2 draw.

Diogo Shota 6: Diligent, Agile Got a chance to win a goal as well


Sadio Mane 6: Came on to add freshness in the offensive line, but was stuck at the last moment.

Thiago Alcantara 6: Came on to help control the rhythm of the game in midfield.

Curtis Jones 7: Commitment There is almost a chance to score a goal.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain: Arrived at the end of the game. Not a lot of roles, no points