Ronaldo, Unexpected to shoot up to 2 goals

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Ronaldo reveals he is most excited Unexpected to shoot up to 2 goals, touch by the warm welcome of the ghost fans.

Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed that after scoring two goals in his debut against Manchester United in the second round. The Red Devils open their Old Traf home. Ford attack Newcastle 4-1 on September 11, that was intend to be shot for a child. But did not expect to shoot up to two goals, a very unbelievable moment.

Ronaldo continued: I admit that the early game was very excited and worried. The night before going on the field, I thought I had to play well. Show everyone that they still have the potential to help the team. I did not expect that the fans will sing his name throughout the game like this It’s a great welcome. He came back here to help the team win. This is an incredible club. To feel proud Confirm that they will give their best to make everyone proud of themselves as well.

About returning to play in the Premier League Ronaldo said Everyone knows that English football is different. And the most special He played in this league at the age of 18 to feel that greatness. So decided to come back again.