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Owen: Messi undervalues ​​PSG

Owen: Messi undervalues ​​PSG

Owen: Messi undervalues ​​PSG Looking at Manchester United and Liverpool, there are more to win the UCL. On 16 September 64, aftermath of UEFA football In the Champions League group stage, Group A. Lionel Messi made his debut as a Paris Saint-Germain starting XI. For the first

"Gold Club Brugge" teases innocent Messi

“Gold Club Brugge” teases innocent Messi

The Club Brugge goalkeeper has slammed Lionel Messi and the Paris Saint-Germain players for being innocuous after leading the team to score points. On September 16, 1964, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet of Belgian League team Club Brugge admitted he did not have to make a save during the UEFA