Cavani held a middle finger at the fan as he got in the car

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Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani had an argument with fans on the way back to the car. With the middle finger raised at the football fans as well

         The 35-year-old played the full 90 minutes in our 1-0 defeat to Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park, with Ralph Rangnick speaking ahead of the ufabet game that this would be his last. In the “Red Devils” of the veteran Uruguay national team spearhead

         However, something unexpected happened as United’s players were on their way back when a clip of the fan-beloved Cavani was arguing with supporters waiting to be picked up in the car. By pointing a finger into a group of football fans with a middle finger raised twice 

         It’s unclear what they said, but Cavani pointed his finger as if aiming at someone before walking into the car. Which followed with the sound of the fans shouting, cursing and mocking.

It appears something triggered the veteran, who later walked away from the scene and onto the coach.

Wilfried Zaha’s goal proved the difference between the two sides as United’s miserable season ended with a whimper.

Cavani started in attack in place of the injured Cristiano Ronaldo, who finishes the campaign with 18 Premier League goals.