“Gold Club Brugge” teases innocent Messi

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The Club Brugge goalkeeper has slammed Lionel Messi and the Paris Saint-Germain players for being innocuous after leading the team to score points.

On September 16, 1964, goalkeeper Simon Mignolet of Belgian League team Club Brugge admitted he did not have to make a save during the UEFA Champions League group stage game. The first leg was a 1-1 draw at home to Paris Saint-Germain on Wednesday night.

This game, PSG sent three of the most brutal attacking lines on the field at the same time, led by Neymar, Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi, and the goal was 1-0 ahead. From Ander Herrera in the 15th minute, but Ufabet Club Brugge achieved a 1-1 equalizer in the 27th minute from Hans Wanagen, causing the group to split up to turn their expectations.

After the game, Mignolet, former Liverpool goalkeeper. At present, the pole for Club Bruce said, “I have almost no work to do. We play together very well. We didn’t give much to their incredible attacking line. You can’t nail them one-on-one. Because they have the qualities that will easily defeat you. We try to help each other defensively so that they don’t have room to play. Personally, I only made a few saves, it wasn’t difficult at all.”